15 years. 700 Weddings.

It is time to say goodbye and thank you. After 15 years photographing weddings, we are moving on to new creative ventures and officially closing the doors of Bebb Studios.

To our Clients (many of whom are now are friends): Thank You is simply not sufficient. You have blessed us and allowed us into your lives, you have trusted us with your most important moments, and you have given us more than you know. You taught us valuable lessons – each of you – about love and life. We are so very grateful that you helped us make Bebb Studios more than we ever dreamed it could be.

To our Photographer friends and colleagues: Thank you. Thank you for supporting us and encouraging us. Thank you for trusting us and giving us a platform to share our experiences with you. Thank you for taking us around the world and back again. Thank you for being our friends. We are blessed to be part of this community and hope to continue to be part of it. We may not be making a living with our cameras right now, but we are forever connected to all of you.

To our Children: Thank you. Thank you for forgiving our absences and living this crazy life with us. Thank you for your grace and understanding when we couldn’t be there. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spread our creative wings and craft an unconventional life for you. Thank you for being incredible human beings who ground us, yet give us permission to fly. Thank you for giving us the courage to let this business go so that we can be with you more often. Watching the two of you grow into men and being there for each milestone, heartbreak, success, and moment from now on means the world to us. We know the time is coming for you to spread your wings and we cannot wait to be there to support all you do.